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  • Calculate distances/travel duration
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Companies are boosting engagement with InteractiveCalculator

“I really appreciate your help with the calculator, it has done wonders for our business.”
Jake Sproule / CEO, Big Box Movers
“The calculator is powerful and fits perfectly for our use. The customer service is A+++.”
Tlane Tarun / Co-founder, Creative Imprints
“The concierge service is amazing, your initial setup is all part of the service. Alternatives we considered are charging $250+ for such support.”
Diane Rogers / UAE Shirts
“Since the quote system I need is a bit more complex they immediately understood what I was looking for and after only a day I had a working online quote system ready to go. I tested the page on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets, and it works like a charm.”
Frank Molla / Founder, VisualMastersStudio
“This has been not only a lifesaver for me, but also an amazing feature for my customers who have never seen this done before. I will definitely recommend this to anyone with a website offering anything for sale, even if it is just an estimate or a base rate calculator. The customer is more inclined to connect with you than a simple ‘Contact me for a quote’ button. I absolutely love it! I’ve done my research with a few calculators when I first got the idea, this one has the best support and features and price combination.”
Christine / Owner, Apex Cages
“The software does what it's meant to do, and looks good. The price is reasonable, especially compared to some competitors. The standout is the customer service and willingness to help get you set up. Not being very technically minded (me) the team at interactive calculator held my hand the whole way and actually built the calculator to my specific requirements, at no extra charge. These guys have nailed customer experience. Really impressed.”
Andrew Mault / CEO, Rocket Outsourcing
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