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"InteractiveCalculator is a really powerful tool. It is intuitive and easy to use when you understand how it works. One of the nice things about it is the quick and positive attitude to help. Thanks to Cristian for the good service."
Ib Westersoe
Photographer/Social media content producer
"Many thanks for your speed of response. I effectively work with a number of international clients across multi-time zones so having human interaction and a real-time response makes a considerable difference. Setting up calculators and interacting in the “Software Space” can be fiddly for novices, but you have made this an effortless experience. Well Done."
Mark Standen
CEO, Mocden Ltd.

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Do you get asked the same questions over and over?

Answering the phone 10 times per day to address the same question adds up quickly. You already have the formulas that you use to answer these questions. Why not drop them inside a nice looking calculator that will automatically answer your customer's questions, while also collecting their name and email for you?

How many hours do you spend delivering custom quotes? Multiply that with an hour's worth of your time and you'll see why custom calculations should be automated.

Get more leads with a custom calculator

Not everyone is going to call for a quote. Lots of people that visit your website will just leave if they can't figure out the Math. With a custom calculator they can get their answer in seconds while leaving their contact details! Our customers find that InteractiveCalculator pays for itself when just one of those leads converts to paying customer. The rest is just profit.

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These days people will close a web page in just seconds if they don't find it helpful.
A custom calculator offers something a static webpage can't: custom answers, which will put your website ahead of the competition.

As a side effect, interactive content is also known to boost your website's Google presence, because time spent on a website is one of Google's ways of calculating a web page's worth.

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InteractiveCalculator vs a Custom Built Calculator

I've been programming custom calculators for clients for a long time and it's a very lucrative business for three reasons:

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