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The GoDaddy website builder has been improving over the last few years and is now the best option for someone who want so build their website fast.

It doesn't allow for lots of customization and it's definitely not for power users, but it is a solid option for small businesses that just need a website presence.

The builder interface is really easy to use and recommended for less tech savvy users.

It also offers a suite of business tools like appointment scheduling, email marketing, social media mangement and a simple CRM.

Upgrade your GoDaddy website with a custom calculator

A custom calculator makes your website stand out from similar GoDaddy websites.

A niche calculator tailored to your audience is a great lead magnet and will help your business grow while delivering value to your customers.

With our free concierge service we'll help you create, style and integrate your calculator and take your GoDaddy site to the next level.

GoDaddy Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to use especially by non-tech users
  • Get results fast: deliver an online presence faster than other builders
  • Integrates with other GoDaddy business tools
  • Great themes as long as you're not very picky with customization


  • Limited customizability
  • Sites look the same because you can't tweak them just so
  • Poor Ecommerce with a poor tax system and missing some major features like recepit customization
  • No custom code allowed in the head section, so you can't add site wide marketing tools like live chat or analytics

Benefits of a GoDaddy Calculator

Make your website stand out

GoDaddy sites look very similar because of the limited customization options, so you'll find that a custom calculator puts you in front of the competition.

Get more leads

The best place to get leads is your own website. A calculator that is relevant to your site's audience turns window shoppers into qualified leads.

SEO benefits

When website visitors spend time interacting with your website this sends a positive signal to Google's algorithm, thus increasing your rankings.

Easy to switch builders

Need to move to Squarespace or Wix? Your calculator will follow you there in 30 seconds, just copy-paste the embed code.

Affordable compared to custom coding

Coding a custom calculator from scratch can get very expensive very fast, and is also risky when you need to update it in the future.

Excellent support

We're a bootstrapped company and we focus on excellent customer support. We go above and beyond to build calculators that deliver value.

No time? We'll build your GoDaddy calculator for free!
We will create the calculator for you, style it just like you want and update it any time you need.
All part of our Free Concierge Service.

Our Customers InteractiveCalculator

Interactive Calculator is a real asset to our website helping us drive new traffic. It is very easy to use and the support is really quick and helpful. I’d recommend it to anyone.
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