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What is Square Online (previously Weebly)?

Square Online (not to be confused with Squarespace) is one of the easiest to use website builders. It almost feels like playing around while you're building your site.

It used to be Weebly.com, then it got purchased by payment provider Square and now it integrates with Square's business tools.

Don't be deceived by it's simplicity though, Square Online is a full-featured website builder and it has excellent ecommerce capabilities. Also, it's regarded as one of the best options for a membership website.

A custom calculator will make your Square Online website much more interactive and dynamic and will help you offer value to your visitors while getting qualified leads.

Boost your Square Online website with a custom calculator

A custom interactive calculator like a Return of Investment (ROI) Calculator or a Price Quote Plugin makes your Square Online website unique and gets more engagement per visit.

Use InteractiveCalculator to add a calculator to your site with an easy to use, flexible calculator builder.

Help your customers get personalized prices, save time or even sell the product right there in the calculator with our handy Stripe integration.

Use the Zapier integration to send leads from the calculator to Mailchimp, Hubspot, Google Sheets or any of the 2,000 supported third party apps.

And the best part is that we'll create the calculator for you as part of our concierge service.

Square Online Pros and Cons


  • Easiest to use website builder
  • Great ecommerce features
  • Best free plan (even includes phone support)
  • Business tools integrations: scheduling, ordering, memberships, POS and more


  • Not enough customization
  • Targeted to sellers
  • Websites tend to look similar
  • Difficult to move to another platform

Why use a calculator on your Square Online site?

Make your site unique

Most Square Online websites tend to look similar because of the limited customization options. A calculator that has been tailored for your particular use-case will make your website unique and keep it top of mind for your audience.

Gather more leads with less friction

Keep visitors engaged and connected to your brand. The best way to gather qualified leads is to provide value. A custom quote or any type of calculations your audience cares about is a great lead magnet.

Increase SEO rankings

Custom interactive content increases time on page and helps with link building, which in turn increases your site's Search Engine Ranking.

Switch to another website builder easily

Take your calculator with you in a few seconds when you decide to move to another Content Management System like Wordpress or Squarespace or more.

Much more affordable than custom coding

Hiring a developer to build a calculator from scratch is very expensive now and risky when you'll need to update the calculator in the future.

Excellent support

We're a bootstrapped company and we focus on excellent customer support. We go above and beyond to build calculators that deliver value.

No time? We'll build your Square Online calculator for free!
We will create the calculator for you, style it just like you want and update it any time you need.
All part of our Free Concierge Service.

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Setting up calculators and interacting in the “Software Space” can be fiddly for novices, but you have made this an effortless experience.
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