Hi, I'm Cristian Neagu, the founder of

I used to work as a developer building custom calculators for clients. They always took a lot of time to build from scratch and were quite expensive. But they were very effective. A calculator is a great way to get leads and increase user retention.

I created InteractiveCalculator to make it super easy for anyone to get leads with a custom calculator. You can add as many calculators you want and change them whenever you want. Or you can contact me and we'll take care of it for you!

We'll help you create the calculator and add it to your site (we can even tweak the style to make it blend with your site, all part of our free concierge service)

You can find me at


"Super fast and friendly support, never quits a conversation leaving me wondering" -- Jacob Ekelund, Marketing,

"One of the nice things about it is the quick and positive attitude to help. Thanks to Cristian for the good service" -- Ib Westersoe, Photographer

Need Help? Do you need help with your calculator? We are quick to answer and friendly :) Thanks! We'll be back with a reply soon.