Building the Calculator

Adding Questions

The calculator is made of questions that you drag from the left menu into the calculator stage. The elements on the left are separated in 2 categories: Inputs (the questions that the calculator users need to fill in) and Outputs & Layout (how you display the calculator results)

You'll probably want to start by dragging a Number question (or Slider/Incrementer) and a Formula question.

You can re-order the questions in the calculator by simply dragging them around. If the calculator gets too big, you can tick the "List Mode" checkbox at the bottom right to just show the question titles in the Calculator Editor.

Editing a Question

You can edit a question by simply clicking it or by hovering over it and clicking the edit button on the question top right menu (the pencil icon). This will open a settings panel on the left side, where you can edit pretty much everything related to the question (title, configs, style, etc)

Deleting a Question

When you hover over a question you will also see a delete icon (the trash bin) that will ask for confirmation before permanently deleting the question

Cloning a Question

Hovering over the question you will also see the "Duplicate/Clone" icon that when clicked will create an exact replica of the question

Question Reference

Each question will have a Question Reference at the top right side ("QA", "QB", etc). That is useful in formulas and other places where you need to refer to the question.



Here you can set the Number Format (separators for thousands and decimals), Number of Decimals (this can be overwritten in each field if needed), Localization (for distances and dates) and enable the Javascript API (for Paid plans)


With InteractiveCalculator you have a lot of control over how your calculator looks, and here you can set the general design of the calculator. You will find more design settings in each calculator field. The "Main Color" is usually your brand color, which will be used for things like Sliders, Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Buttons, etc. It can be overwritten in each particular field also. Learn more about Styling the calculator.

Custom Javascript Code is a way to further enhance the calculator's capabilities through writing Javascript code. It's a powerful feature that should be used with care. Contact us if you need help.


Calculator Elements


Outputs and Layout

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