Start typing a place and pick one of the auto-complete options. Optionally show as two places (From/To).
Note that the auto-complete will return placeholder text in the builder and real suggestions on the live calculator on your website.



Most of the style settings are self-explanatory, but here are a few tips and tricks:

How it works in Formulas

When referenced in formulas like @PlaceField, the value returned will be the distance in kilometers between: - The origin location (if set) and the selected place
- The From/To places

If you need the distance in miles go to Settings / Config / Localization and set "Calculate distances in" to "Imperial System"

To calculate the duration between two places or between the place and it's Origin Location use the DURATION function like this:
DURATION(@PlaceField). This will return the duration it takes to drive from place a to place b, in hours.

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