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The Most Customizable Website Builder

Webflow is a nocode website builder that provides the power of code to your designs. This means you can tweak any part of your website just like you would with HTML and CSS code, all from the editor.

This level of detail is unmatched by other website builders, but it comes at a price: it takes a while to learn how everything works.

Once you get a hang of it though, you'll probably want to use Webflow everywhere.

The Whitelabel Editor tool allows for anyone to update the content of the website, so you can hand off that part to a client or the content team.

Webflow integrates it's Designer tools with a full CMS (Content Management System), which is like a database for the information on the site. This makes Webflow very powerful and flexible.

Upgrade your Webflow website with a custom calculator

InteractiveCalculator is a great addition to a Webflow site because it also allows for great customization while keeping everything simple.

We've seen our customers use the calculator builder to create niche calculators that make their Webflow websites stand out and help get qualified leads.

With our free concierge service we'll help you create, style and integrate your calculator and take your Webflow site to the next level.

Webflow Pros and Cons


  • Most customizable website builder: you can build anything you could do if you coded manually in HTML/CSS
  • Full CMS: create collections like rich text, images, files and more
  • Whitelabel option for design agencies
  • Great tutorials


  • Has a steep learning curve
  • Ecommerce features are expensive compared to Shopify and Squarespace
  • Pricing can be confusing
  • No live chat or phone support

Benefits of a Webflow Calculator

Make your website unique

A custom calculator made specifically for your Webflow website helps your website stand out from the competition. Our calculators also allow for great levels of customization, just like Webflow.

Get more leads

Qualified leads are hard to get, but the best place to start is your own website. Turn drive-by visitors into qualified leads by helping them solve their own problems with a laser-focused calculator

SEO boost

Interactive content increases time spent on your site and engagement, which is a ranking signal for Google. It also helps with link building campaings.

No headaches when switching providers

Need to move to Squarespace or Wix? Your calculator will follow you there in 30 seconds, just copy-paste the embed code.

Best price option

Coding a custom calculator from scratch can get very expensive very fast, and is also risky when you need to update it in the future.

Excellent support

We're a bootstrapped company and we focus on excellent customer support. We go above and beyond to build calculators that deliver value.

No time? We'll build your Webflow calculator for free!
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