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What is Hubspot CMS?

Hubspot is the one of the leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, mainly used by sales and marketing teams.

Hubspot CMS is Hubspot's Content Management System, used to build websites that integrate with their marketing automation tools

The CMS is split into 3 components: Blog, Landing Pages + Forms and Website Pages. You can pick which ones you use and even combine them with other solutions, like use Wordpress for the blog.

Boost your Hubspot website with a custom calculator

A custom interactive calculator like a Return of Investment (ROI) Calculator or a Price Quote Plugin makes your Hubspot CMS unique and gets more engagement per visit.

Use InteractiveCalculator to add a calculator to your site with an easy to use, flexible calculator builder. All the calculators are fully responsive out of the box, so they work on any device.

Help your customers get personalized prices, save time or even sell the product right there in the calculator with our handy Stripe integration.

Get leads straight from the calculator into Hubspot contacts, with the Zapier integration. Or send them to Mailchimp, Google Sheets or another third party app.

Plus, we'll create the calculator for you as part of our concierge service.

Hubspot CMS Pros and Cons


  • Integrates with all the other Hubspot tools
  • Smart content: personalize content for each contact
  • Good analytics and tracking
  • Total security out of the box


  • Difficult to get started
  • Doesn't support ecommerce
  • Customer support isn't that great: they mean well but don't really understand the technical issues
  • Lock-in: difficult to migrate to another provider

Why use a calculator on your Hubspot CMS?

Make your site stand out

Hubspot websites tend to look similar because of the limited customization options. A calculator that has been customized for your use-case creates a personalized experience for your users.

Get more leads with less friction

Create contacts straight from the calculator. Your site's visitor get something of value (a price quote or a calculation that is relevant to their needs) while you get qualified leads.

Increase SEO rankings

Google looks for time spent on your website and engagement. We found that custom interactive content increases time on page when the calculator is relevant to visitors. It also helps with link building when used as a link magent, which in turn increases your site's Search Engine Ranking.

More affordable than custom coding

Hiring a developer to code a calculator from scratch gets very expensive, especially when you need to make updates. It also introduces risks like the developer being unavailable or the code being unusable by another dev.

Switch to another website builder easily

Neet to move your website to another platform? Take your calculator with you in a few seconds when you decide to use another Content Management System like Wix or Squarespace or more.

Excellent support

We're a bootstrapped company and we focus on excellent customer support. We go above and beyond to build calculators that deliver value.

No time? We'll build your Hubspot calculator for free!
We will create the calculator for you, style it just like you want and update it any time you need.
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Our Customers InteractiveCalculator

Interactive Calculator is by far the biggest timesaver in my tool box, so if you are looking for an online calculator or quote system just get it, you won't regret it.
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