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Needs no introduction as the most popular website builder in the world. A plethora of addons and themes make it a strong contender in any niche. Our Wordpress plugin makes it easy to add a calculator to any WP website.

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The swiss army knife of website builders, Wix has solid tools like forums, ticket sales, restaurant ordering, music distribution, appointment scheduling and more. You can place elements anywere on the page which is both empowering and a potential source of bugs.


The Apple of website builders, Squarespace has slick and clean templates, an intuitive interface and a minimalist feeling that appeals to creative types. Not the best tool for large sites, especially if you need lots of customization.


Completely customizable templates. If you can imagine it you can build it, as far as the front end goes. A bit difficult for beginners to get a hang of, but once you've gotten used to it you're hooked. Calculators that allow for a great level of customization are a great addition to a Webflow website.

Square Online

Easiest to use website builder (inherited from Weebly which they aquired and rebranded), Square Online offers great ecommerce features, a great plan and cookie cutter templates that just work.


Lots of improvements in recent years make GoDaddy a decent competitor. Although limited when compared to the others it's one of the quickes ways to publish a basic site.


Top choice of bootstrapper entrepreneurs for quick landing pages, this one-page website builder offers a refreshing focus on simplicity when others race to pile on more features.

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Popular with sales and marketing teams, Hubspot offers a basic Content Management Solution that integrates well with their ecosystem. Use our calculators to gather leads and turn them in Hubspot Contacts.

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Shopify has taken the Internet by storm and is now the biggest Ecommerce website builder. We've seen our calculators used as lead magnets or price quote tools on Shopify sites like screen printing or CBD oil stores.


BigCommerce is not the big fish in the ecommerce website builder world but is positioning itself as a strong Shopify alternative with a selection of great tools out of the box and no transaction fees.


Best portfolio builder for photographers, with an interface that can be a bit confusing but overall clean looking websites. Has got the basics covered like SEO, ecommerce and blogging tools.

Increase engagement with a niche calculator

An interactive calculator tailored to your audience like a Return of Investment Calculator or a Price Quote Plugin is a tested way to turn casual visitors into qualified leads.

With our intuitive builder it's easy to create any kind of calculator you need, from the most simple to very complex ones.

Integrations like Stripe, Zapier and Google Analytics can make the calculator a great tool in your outreach arsenal.

We offer a concierge service to all our customers where we can build, design and tweak your calculator free of charge.

No time? Let us build your calculator for free!
We will create the calculator for you, style it just like you want and update it any time you need.
All part of our Free Concierge Service.

Our Customers InteractiveCalculator

Interactive Calculator is by far the biggest timesaver in my tool box, so if you are looking for an online calculator or quote system just get it, you won't regret it.
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