The Checkbox question allows the selection of one or more options. One of it's uses is with a single option as an "I agree with the Terms and Conditions" checkbox.



Most of the style settings are self-explanatory, but here are a few tips and tricks:

How it works in Formulas

When referenced in formulas like @CheckboxField, it's value is the sum of the checked options. If no options are checked, it's value is zero.

If you need to know if a certain option was checked, you can use the CHECKED function in formulas like this:
CHECKED(@CheckboxField, value) will be 1 if the checkbox field has the option with value "value" checked, 0 otherwise

For example, if you have a checkbox with options:
Oranges = 1
Apples = 2
Bananas = 3
CHECKED(@CheckboxField, 3) will be 1 when Bananas is checked (regardless of what else is checked), and 0 otherwise

If you want to show the label of the checked option in a formula field, use the LABEL function:
If multiple options are checked, they will be separated with a comma.

LABEL(@CheckboxField, " + ") will separate them with a plus sign, or you can use whatever separator you like in the second argument.

You can concatenate them like this:
LABEL(@RadioField) & LABEL(@CheckboxField) & " Some other text here"

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