IFS function

With the IFS function you can have multiple conditions in one statement

A value is returned by IFS only when the previous condition returns TRUE, and the first condition to return TRUE "wins".

IFS(condition_1, value_if_true_1, condition_2, value_if_true_2 ...)

When one of the conditions is met (condition_1, condition_2, etc), its corresponding value is returned

IFS( 10 < 3, 100, 12 > 4, 300, 15 > 10, 400 )

will return 300, since the second condition is true

You need to make sure the conditions cover all the possible cases, so for example if you have a number field between 0 and 300, you can have:

IFS( @NumberField < 100, 100, @NumberField < 200, 200, @NumberField >= 200, 300 )
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