Visibility Formulas

All the questions in the calculator have the the option to be hidden based on a Visibility Formula (the Conditional Visibility checkbox in the question's settings).

For example you can have a Description Text field that shows a message when the user has checked the Male radio button on the Gender question. The way you do that is tick the "Conditional Visibility" checkbox on the Description Text and make the Conditional Visibility Formula:

@Gender = 1
This assumes that the Male option on the Gender radio buttons question has the value 1. So the Description Text will only show when the value of the Gender question is 1.

You can hide as many questions as you need this way, and if you want to hide multiple questions at once you can put them all in a Group section (drag a Group element from the left of the editor).

Note: if you use hidden questions in formulas, their value will be zero while they are hidden, and the usual value while they are visible, except for the Formula element, which has the same value hidden or visible.

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